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Who else but me...

You don't know what it's like to be me...

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-The Summer Gal-

  • a 20 year-old lady-slash-kid
  • BS Biology student at UST
  • working on her thesis on "A comparison of the diet of Leiopotherapon plumbeus (Kner) in the West and Central Bay of Laguna Lake, Philippines"
  • a scientist and a future doctor
  • currently reviewing for National Medical Achievement Test (NMAT)
  • loves Chemistry subjects except Biochemistry
  • loves Comparative Anatomy BUT Comparative Anatomy doesn't love her
  • certified gadget-addict
  • loves dressing up
  • in love with books and music
  • adores dogs and babies
  • hates cockroaches and lizards!!!
  • thinks USHER is sexy
  • STARBUCKS suki
  • having a hard time waking up early
  • can't get enough of the HOUSE and GREY'S ANATOMY tv series
  • loves God and her family the most
  • in love and loved by a person named Jose Andrey
  • extroverted. loving. able. adaptable. cheerful. confident. dependable. friendly. caring. observant. spontaneous. trustworthy. silly. sentimental. patient. forgiving. organised. mature. childish. independent. helpful. happy. pessimist. optimist. giving. diligent. dreamer. simple. bouncy. noisy. talkative. clever. wise. couch-potato. stress-lover.
  • has also a livejournal account


    watched: Grey's Anatomy Season 1
    reading: Cosmopolitan Magazine May 2006r
    doing; tulala
    thinking: the thesis???

    -Summerrific friends-



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    This blog is all about my views on certain issues (and people). Why I hate this, why I love that. What makes me laugh, what makes me mad. What are my inner desires (haha! serious huh...) and what are my goals to achieve those. Who are my friends and my foes as well (if you don't want your names to be included in my enemies list then be nice to me!just kidding...). You'll learn (if you regularly read this of course) that behind this senseless blog (at least for you "haters") is a woman with substance but possesses a childish heart. So expect a childish yet substantial entries here...hehe! Read on!


    I don't owe anyone an apology in case you don't want my entries here. Whatever I say here are all my opinion and should be respected. To remind you, this is MY blog. If you're not happy with what you're seeing then you are free to close this window and get lost. Every single thing here in my site is my property and if you want to copy something, just ask my permission and I'll be nice, okies? Friendly advice: MAKE YOUR OWN! PLAGIARISM ISN'T ALLOWED HERE.

  • Thursday, August 10, 2006

    GOODBYE BLOGSPOT... for now...


    Joanne has found a new home.... here:


    see you there!

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    Monday, June 12, 2006


    Girls love to hate her. Boys adore her. She is the girl you can always see smiling. You can barely see her cry, unless hers are tears of joy. She is everybody's favorite because of her wit and charm.

    For them, she is almost perfect and has been living an almost perfect life. For them, this girl carries no problems. For them, she can't ask anything more. For them, she has almost everything life has to offer.

    But little did these people know that this girl is not the real girl they have always admired. Deep inside, this girl is crying. For her, life is unfair. For her, she can't trust anyone. For her, she is not important. For her, she is nothing but a mere body with an empty and cold interior.

    She is not perfect. In fact she is incomplete. Behind this girl's sparkling eyes, wide smiles and contagious laughters are sadness and emptiness. She cries at night because no one really understands her. She masks the pain with laughters so that people would think that everything's okay. But no, she is not pretending. She is just weak contrary to what others think about her.

    Each one of us is like her. Each of us sometimes feels like we are unloved. There might be girls prettier than us. There might be fellas smarter than us. There might be others who are richer than us. But that would not be enough reasons to feel inferior. Each of us has our own dilemmas. Each of us is unique. No one is really perfect... not even close to it.

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    Thursday, June 08, 2006


    We all have dreams. We all have aspirations. But are all those dreams for real? Not all those dreams can come true. Yes, dreams are sometimes just dreams.

    A friend of mine just graduated last month and hopefully be a successful columnist in a respected newspaper (you know who you are, congrats by the way). Others, like me, are graduating next year, hopefully. Lots of friends of mine are also enjoying their moments in modeling and in showbusiness. We all have different ambitions. We crossed different paths. But we have one thing in common: our dedication in achieving our dreams.

    I can still remember the day when I was asked the favorite question adults often ask the kids. I told them that I want to be a saleslady. Yes. A saleslady. A year after, I wanted to be a housemade. A year after, I wanted to be a doctor. And now, I'm on my last year as a pre-Med student. Really, I can't wait to be a certified Medical student. I may not be the kind of kid that Promil would like to get as an endorser, but I have the drive and dedication successful people posses. I have a dream, and I want that dream to be a reality.

    But there are a lot who have ambitions, but can't afford it. Yes, hard to admit, but today, achieving your dreams is a privilege. Not a right. I live in Tondo. And I've seen kids doing the best they can just to help their parents, just to be able to eat at least once a day. I've seen them going to school with old shoes. I've seen them walking under the heat of the sun on their way to school while I'm inside an airconditioned car on my way to UST. But like us, they also have dreams. But, for them, it is like turning a glass of water into a wine. They all have dreams and it all ends there. Just dreams.

    When I've seen booklets of World Vision in our sala few days ago, I got excited. I am so proud to have a family like ours. We may not be the richest, but we have enough. My dad and my brother are planning to sponsor a child's education. It won't hurt sharing your extra mhoolas to the less fortunates. It won't hurt treating less fortunates at Jollibee. Yes, it won't hurt. Instead, it would heal you.

    If you want real happiness, fulfill your dreams with others.

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    Friday, May 12, 2006

    I can't think of any one reason why I want to be a surgeon, but I can think of 1000 reasons why I should quit. They make it hard on purpose. There are lives in our hands. There comes a moment when it is more than just a game and you either take that step forward or turn around and walk away. I could quit but here's the thing... i love the playing field. - Grey's Anatomy


    Aspiring med students receieved their NMAT scores this week... I've receieved mine earlier than my blockmates. It was really weird because I don't know what to feel. I've got higher than expected, for someone like me who didn't attend any NMAT review classes. But I think, if I just gave my all, I probably got higher NMAT score. I didn't review... my bad.

    Anyway, I'm still happy 'coz luck was still on my side. I really want to go to UST med school... *crosses fingers*

    [mood| restless]
    [music| What I Need by Ray-J]

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    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    TALLER in more ways

    I realized last night that I should start my life again. I fell down, but I will stand up smiling. I was hurt, but I will heal the wound. I shouldn't feel bad for all the worse things that happened to me, because I know, they won't happen without reasons. People have hurt me, betrayed me, judged me... but I should thank them. For without hurting me, I wouldn't be this challenged and determined. Without betraying me, I wouldn't be strong and wise.

    Now I know:
  • ...how to handle things with grace
  • ...who are the real people and real friends
  • ...that it's okay to cry as long as I wipe those tears and move on
  • ...who can be trusted
  • ...that in life there are 2 kinds of bitches: a) the obvious in-your-face bitch and b) the underhanded bitch (Watawat, Cosmopolitan Magazine, May 2006)
  • ...how to laugh it all off
  • ...how to take the risk
  • ...to think outside the cubicle: to look at things positively
  • ...how prevalent crab mentality is in this survival-of-the-fittest world
  • ...that selfish people do really exist
  • ...that I am not perfect but still trying to be perfect for the people who look up to me
  • ...that I'm so blessed because I am a good girl (No. It is wrong to say I'm a good girl that's why I'm blessed.See? I'm maturing. hehe!)
  • ...that God really loves me because during in times of hardships, failures, stress, pressures, out-of-place moments, trusts betrayed, backstab attack, etc., He gave me people who are there to remind me of His presence.

    One thing that keeps me going amidst everything and every people who have been hurting me? Amidst every painful stumble in this life's race? It is when I have God at the endline inspiring me to move on.

    Really. God is really good.

    [mood| rejuvenated]
    [music| Ugly by Sugababes]

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    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    happy but not happy (random thoughts ulit hehe)

    I'm trying to be patient...Really. Anyway, para sakin rin naman to eh. Yun na lang iniisip ko. hehe! :D


    I'm starting to appreciate people around me nowadays.. Sometimes, good deeds are practiced by the unexpected people. Like the manong from the OLES, and the manong from the SRL... hehe! I'm gaining new friends... too bad they ain't got no friendster accounts. hahaha!


    Firefox sucks big time... I thought this is much faster than IE??? It sucks really... Plus I can't find a Diner Dash 2 cd. It's so good pa naman. May new batch of costumers na. If before mga 4-5 types (not sure) lang ang costumers, this time sobrang dami... may celphone addict and family na. And you shouldn't sit these celphone addicts and family near the costumers who are not patient with noise. Yung family kasi has a baby and when you let them wait, the baby will cry and that irritates the other costumers. Kaso trial version lang (for 60 minutes) but I was able to open the 2nd restaurant. Huh! I want a Diner Dash 2 badly!


    I bought a very cute swim suit. :D Andrey's family invited me to an out-of-town lakad. Actually it is a blowout for Maya's (Andrey's sister) birthday... and it's kinda exciting meeting new faces kasi she'll be bringing her friends with us.

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    Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    no... don't read this

    I am so bored.

    Super. Duper. Bored.

    My computer is unusually slow.

    I'm on the 3rd to the last episode of Grey's Anatomy and I can't get enough of them.

    I finished the two boxes of Dewberry Cookies in two days.

    I washed the dishes this lunch.

    I'm watching TV Patrol right now.

    I'm... ahmm... damn it. I'm too bored to think. I have no with-sense entry today. I am too bored.

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